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eBrochure Authors Kit - "Our Plan For Your Success"

First, let’s get one question out of the way – I guess you’re probably wondering why we would devise a plan for your success.
Why not just concentrate on OUR success instead ??

The answer is so simple it’s almost beyond belief ! - Read on for all the answers and full details of our plan to help you achieve your goals.

One Size Does Not Fit All

We have found that there are many Small to Medium Sized Business Owners that are looking for either a cost effective option or simply don’t require our usual Full Service Solution.

This is fine, we don’t believe in the view “one size fits all”, frankly we’re not a T Shirt and neither are you. We enjoy being different , it’s what gives both us and you our individual identities. Therefore we embrace the opportunity to be able to provide you with the knowledge you require in order to make your publication successful.

You’ve Got The Idea

Before we look at an outline of our plan, we’re going to make a few assumptions about you first.

  1. You know exactly what your brochure is about, or at least what you think it’ll be about.
  2. You may not know exactly what content to use, or even think you can write it – after all, not everyone considers writing to be one of their personal strengths!
  3. You probably have a rough idea of what images you’d like to use, even if you’ve not got the exact images saved to your computer yet.

Here’s The Plan

Here’s why you don’t need to worry now…….
We’ve written a guide in the form of an eBook to show you exactly how to compile a great publication or Page Turning Brochure. We’ve already sat and thought of as many different problems, or issues people will face whencompiling their own publication. We’ve included the solutions in the eBook to ensure you’re more successful, we’ll partner with you to complete the project.

In business it’s really common for businesses to collaborate together on what is commonly known as Joint Ventures.
This is where one business helps another by supplying information, products or services. This will be a joint venture between US and YOU.

You’ll be able to get our eBrochure Authors Kit that contains the following…..

  1. A copy of our eBook – Here’s How to Create a Page Turning Brochure that Really Engages with your Customer to Increase Your Sales
  2. Additional free resources to help you create the Page Turning Brochure quickly and easily even if you don’t currently own a word processor like Microsoft Word.
  3. A voucher so you can enjoy a free eBrochure (first 10 pages free – normal rate from-there-on),helping to make your new publication even better.

We pledge here and now that there’s no catch, we’re not spammers, con-men or trying to deceive you in any way. This offer is 100% genuine.

Take Action – Start Now

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