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Your website is packed full of possibilities, you can include text, images, video, animation and sounds. You don't want an eBrochure or online brochure that would limit you by not being able to offer any features other than static images and text.
Our eBrochures can be as feature rich as your website is, offering many opportunities for interaction with your customer and clients to promote your products and services.

All the following features are fantastic but there is only one reason you are wanting the reader to use them. That reason is simply to gain a better understanding of your product ultimately converting them into a customer increasing sales lead.

There are many features that our eBrochures can offer you and your clients and they include the following:

eBrochures can contain most types of content
You can have nearly anything put into your eBrochure such as, product images, text information and company video.
eBrochures are a very creative way of showing your products and services online.

Flipping page effect to give users a feel of viewing a real catalogue
When you use an Page Turning Brochure, it gives the effect of using a real brochure as they have a turning page effect. This can be with or without a sound effect.

Search the brochure contents
This is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply enter your search-term into the search box and click enter. Hey-Presto all your searches will appear in order, clicking on them will direct you to the page where they were found. We also highlight the text you used in your search term. This prevents the frustrating scenario that is all too common when you’ve found a really great website that promised everything in the search engine results and simply does not contain what you’re looking for.

Link your email addresses and website pages
The client can have any email addresses or website pages linked to from your eBrochure.

Fully Customisable
Customise the look and feel of the eBrochure to complement your website. You can theme and customise your eBrochure page with your logo and background colour.

Online and Offline versions
a The client can have the option of an offline version of the eBrochure which can be sent to your clients or customers by disk.

Google Anayltics
Each publication can have a Google Anayltics code put in so you can see how many people have been looking at your brochure.

Contents and Index page
The contents page or index page can all be linked to their relevant page. Each product can be individually linked to the website.

Zoom facility
You can zoom in on a single page with no loss of sharpness on the text.

Thumbnail View option
Unsurprisingly the thumbnail button will display thumbnails of all the pages of your eBrochure. These thumbnails are clickable and act as quick-links displaying the relevant page as soon as they are clicked. It really is like a huge pictorial table of contents.

Table of Contents option
The table of contents is a group of links that open the eBrochure at predefined pages when the reader click on them. As the name suggests it’s simply an interactive content menu. You are free to list whatever links you’d like in your table of contents – it doesn’t just have to be the chapter headings !!

No Software Download Required
There is no additional software required for your computer.

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