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eBrochure Maintenance - Easy updates !

eBrochure Maintenance - Easy updates !

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When you are looking for a company to provide you with a feature rich eBrochure, you may not always consider future brochure maintenance.
We are able to extract and replace pages of your Page Turning Brochure giving you the flexibility to maintain and extend the life of your eBrochure.

Despite the decrease in cost of an eBrochure compared with a large print run, we know that it is still an investment in your business.

We therefore would not expect you to 'bin' your eBrochure when it needed updating. Instead we would simply remove the outdated pages and replace them with the
new versions.

As the requirements of your business change and evolve, we know that you are likely to alter your website. We are able to work with you to alter the background and colours used in your eBrochure page on your website.

This ensures that your Page Turning Brochure looks as good on your new website as it did on your previous website, extending the life of your eBrochure or digital brochure. We can also assist you to build a brand new page to match your new website design so that your eBrochure once again fits seamlessly into your website.

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Eco Friendly “Green” Solution

Eco Friendly - no pile of old brochures

Electronic publications make your information immediately available to your visitors and potential customers. The vast majority of your visitors or customers are usually well aware of the fact that millions of tons of trees are being destroyed to make paper catalogues. We have all experienced piles of brochures or catalogues that are outdated around our offices and homes.

In a business environment there is also the added weight of surplus printed catalogues and brochures that simply outdate whilst sitting in your storeroom or stationery cupboard. More often than not these outdated catalogues end up being either recycled or sent to landfill without ever being read.

Digital brochures provide an excellent alternative. This ‘low carbon solution’ is an excellent alternative to the traditional paper brochure, which reduces your carbon footprint. Updating specific pages of the eBrochure prevents this accumulation of old, outdated material whist maintaining your companies reduced carbon footprint.

To find out more about the Green Benefits of an eBrochure or digital brochure, click here.