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An eBrochure is an electronic book that is transformed from a PDF into an electronic format which can be readily accessed at any time.The Page Turning Brochure is a product that feels and reads like an ordinary brochure or book. The pages can make sounds when they turn. An eBrochure can never be misplaced and is easily updateable.

eBrochures convert your 'flat 2D' electronic documents into an interactive 3D, page turning experience for your clients and customers.
In short, they are so much more than a PDF ever can be !
The list of things you can use a Page Turning Brochure for is almost endless.
Page Turning Brochures can be used for all these exciting items:

Newsletters -  you can make your newsletters into eBrochures, very easily and quickly.
Manuals -  these would be great as an eBrochure, you could have as many as your company needed. If necessary they can easily be stored in a library which allows the visitor to select the volume they wish to read.
Presentations -  all our eBrochures can be embedded into your web site, quickly and easily making them perfect for an online presentation of your products and services. You also have the ability to have the presentations shown as a slide show.
Travel Guides -  imagine not having piles of travel brochures around, when you are trying to choose a holiday. Travel guides make an ideal eBrochure. There is of course an obvious Green angle too, think of all that paper you could be saving - not to mention lowering the cost of your print budget.
User guides -  user guides can feature different aspects of your products and with easy links between the pages, you can walk your customer quickly and effortlessly through the guide to allow them to become more familiar with your product.

Other types of items that could be made into Page Turning Brochures include:

  • Digital Catalogues     • Company Profiles
  • Photo Collections and Art Catalogues     • Reference Materials
  • Case Studies     • eTutorials
  • Flyers   • Reports

For a more in depth look at the features of an eBrochure or digital brochure, click here. eBrochures for Everyone is committed to helping everyone, so that includes you too ...


Eco Friendly “Green” Solution

Eco Friendly “Green” Solution

Electronic publications make your information immediately available to your visitors and potential customers. These modern website visitors or customers can be eco-friendly and are usually well aware of the fact that millions of tons of trees are being destroyed to make paper catalogues. Despite this fact, more often than not your paper catalogue lands straight in the rubbish without ever being read.

You must be wondering what you can do about the whole situation. Digital brochures provide an excellent alternative. This ‘low carbon solution’ is an excellent alternative to the traditional paper brochure, which reduces your carbon footprint.

To find out more about the Green Benefits of an eBrochure or digital brochure, click here.

Integrated into your website

Integrated into your website

Our eBrochures can be fully integrated into your website.We can theme the eBrochure background and colour the eBrochure toolbar so that they match your website.
We offer a bespoke service that really is extremely cost effective.

Don't worry if your website uses a content management system, we can easily integrate your new eBrochure into your existing website.

We are familiar with many different content management systems and will be able to provide a solution for you.

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