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Offline Page Turning Brochures

Our eBrochures are also available as an Offline version.
This is perfect for situations where you need an Offline eBrochure to send to a client, or a brochure that will work on an intranet or an internal office network. Some companies have contacted us about using it for staff handbooks instead of printed versions. Others wanted financial information in them – all to be used Offline – you’ll have your own use.

We’ve created a great product for your Offline eBrochure. Professionally produced with a bespoke printed DVD containing your eBrochure and room for your additional marketing material inside. Additional copies are also available of the Offline eBrochure and we provide the Offline eBrochure for Windows and Mac operating system.

Offline eBrochures

There's so many ways to utilise the Offline Brochure, how about sending the Offline eBrochure to your best customers or to customers who are specifically interested in your High-End products or services.

The Offline Brochure, with a bespoke sales letter from you to your client or prospective customer can have a big impact. Just imagine all this superb marketing collateral in front of your best customer or on your prospects desk. So much more valuable, than JUST a business card or a compliment slip.

When it's important to stand out against your competitors, there’s almost no end to the ways you can use the Offline eBrochure to increase enquiries and build your revenue streams.

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