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Eco Friendly “Green” Solution

“Green” Eco Friendly Solution

Most modern website visitors or customers think about being eco-friendly and are usually well aware of the fact that millions of tons of trees are being destroyed to make paper catalogues. Despite this fact, more often than not, your paper catalogue moves through their letterbox straight in the rubbish bin then landfill without ever being read.

You must be wondering what you can do about the whole situation. The digital eBrochure provides a ‘low carbon solution’ and is an excellent alternative to the traditional paper brochure or catalogue, which reduces your carbon footprint.

E-brochures live online can be viewed through your website - think of the trees you've saved!

Your eBrochure can help you be more environmentally friendly byeBrochures - the green option

  • Less energy used than printing and mailing printed brochures
  • No energy used to produce paper unlike printed brochures
  • Cost saving gives added opportunity for increased spend on     recycling budgets
  • Save on printing costs
  • Avoid postage or carrier costs
  • Envelopes are not necessary
  • Brochure updates don't mean expensive reprints


Does Environmental Responsibility really Matter ??

Does it really matter if my company is Green or not ??

No, unless there's a tax levy or other financial implication to not adopting a Green Option it doesn't matter.

I guess it depends upon the importance you place upon your image within the local community and beyond. Environmental Responsibility is something that can only be chosen by you, nobody can choose to force you to undertake it outside of legal restrictions like the safe disposal of chemicals and the like.


Digital Magazines, Greener and Cheaper

The idea of having an eBrochure isn't just about selecting the "greener option". They are much cheaper than the traditional paper ones. With no postage and carrier costs, eBrochures are the answer to reducing your costs for distributing your sale information to your customers.

Why not reduce your costs by using an eBrochure. If you found you still need a traditional form of brochure printed then you could have a greatly reduced print run.

Protect your investment by only sending printed brochures to those people who actually purchase your products and request a brochure.

If you have just read through the this article, then you will have seen how eBrochures are a Green and Eco-Friendly solution - but don't take our word for it !
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