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Integrate into your website

Integrate into your website

If you have looked through the pages of our site, you'll be aware that we can produce stunning eBrochures, or online magazines that are created for you quickly and easily from your PDF.

The next question that people usually ask after that is ..."how will it look in my website ?"

If you have had the misfortune of being previously informed by other companies, that
..."you can only view the eBrochure by clicking on this link" then we totally understand why you are wondering how our eBrochure will be integrated into your website.

Our eBrochures can be fully integrated into your website, unless you have a Flash based website. This is due to the way Flash websites are constructed, we are unlikely to be able to update or add additional pages to your website.
However all is not lost, we can produce you a new webpage that looks and feels like your website and integrate your eBrochure into that page.

Don't worry if your website uses a content management system, we can easily integrate the eBrochure or online brochure into your website. We are familiar with many different content management systems and will be able to provide a solution for you. We can theme the eBrochure background and colour the eBrochure toolbar so that they match your website. We offer a bespoke service that really is extremely cost effective.

As part of the service we provide, we are happy to integrate your existing eBrochures into your website for you !

There's two ways of integrating the Page Turning Brochure into your site.

The first is shown below. You can add a link or an image to the page of your site where you want the brochure to be available from. This example in the image below, taken from a Garden Resources site that we use for our demonstration brochure.

Click here to experience an example eBrochureThis is the most common way to add the brochure to your site. This is probably because its all too common to have the brochure linked from lots of pages on your site and you want to be able to offer a large amount of space to display the brochure. After all, once your prospctive customer is looking at the brochure you don't want too many distractions that they'll click away to see and then forget to buy the products contained in your brochure!


The second way is to directly embed the brochure into your webpage in amongst your other web page text and images. Having studied the different approaches, we feel that this is less effective as the brochure does not always stand out as well. However if that's what you're looking for we will be happy to help you reach your goal.


We think the best way to embed your Page Turning Brochure into your website, is simply to take a page that matches the rest of your site and add the brochure to it. This then allows your prospective customer to look at the brochure without any distractions.Click here to experience an example eBrochure The example shown here is again of a Garden Resources site that we use for our demonstration brochure. As you can see it looks just like the above web page, except it does not have any of the usual page content. This has all been replaced by the eBrochure.


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